Our Developing Story
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The History of Christ Church
Christ Church, Elbow Park was founded in 1913 as a part of the Anglican Diocese of Calgary.
The original building was accessed by a bridge from 8th Street SW to the front doors.
As we have just celebrated our 100th anniversary, we are looking forward to sharing more of our history on this website, such as we have included for the bells, for example.

A Strong, Faithful Presence in the Community
Anglicans function on the idea of a "parish", literally a geographical area. This is why so many parish churches are named for their location. We seek to serve anyone who lives here, regardless of their relationship with the membership. Because this is true, you may be aware of stories and of history and relationships that are beyond our records: we'd love to have you share them. Read on!

The Archives Project
An Archives becomes the protective library of important documents, records and photographs that capture the history of a parish and its mission. Our archives have been built over many years and contain a reflection of the people and events that have shaped our life and work over our first hundred years. If you are aware of photographs or documents that should be assessed or included in our collection, please let us know. We want to honour stories, in whatever form they are captured.

Some archives end up being a simple chronology of leaders and events and the development of the building. We are interested in much more than this. Lately, we are also very interested in gathering the stories not just of leaders and the building, but of the people who have been members of the parish, and their stories and accomplishments and contributions to the building of Elbow Park, Calgary, Alberta and Canada. If you have a story of a member, past or present, of Christ Church that needs to be honoured or included, please contact the church office and one of our parish archivists would be delighted to speak to you.

eMail your stories to us!