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Music in Worship
Christ Church, Elbow Park holds music to be of enormous worth in worship. You will experience a large range of hymnody, mass settings, anthems and service music, and the people of the parish are adept at learning new tunes, texts and refrains. Our service music values the Anglican tradition, honouring beloved, established music as well as more recent compositions and hymns.

Christ Church Choir
Consisting of a remarkable group of twenty-plus singers, the Choir of Christ Church provides excellent musical leadership for our worship. Members of the choir share a love of traditional Anglican music, including hymns and psalms, anthems, motets and contemporary pieces such as the work of John Rutter. Most members have prior choral singing experience and some ability to read music. Several times a year they sing the traditional service of Choral Evensong in which the sensitivity of their psalm singing has been praised. The Choir rehearses regularly on Thursday nights, and gathers for a half-hour warm-up on Sundays before the 10:30am service. Not infrequently, Thursday evening also include additional fellowship, a pub night or other community building. To get involved in our music, please contact our Director of Music, Margaret Newman.

Christ Church Junior Choir
Our senior choir is supported by the young singers of our junior choir. Many of our senior singers discovered their love of choral singing in our junior choir, which supported them in a life of music and worship as part of the senior choir. The junior choir rehearses on Saturday mornings. Most Sundays throughout the year, the junior choir provides leadership by offering music while communion is received. If you are interested in making singing a part of your young person's liife, please contact our Director of Music, Margaret Newman.

Supporting the Arts in Worship and in Community
Christ Church is a proud supporter of music and the arts, and has a strong partnership with many organizations in Calgary. As an excellent venue for performance, we host many concerts for certain organizations at far below our costs as as strong partner in celebrating the worth of music in life.

Christ Church is pleased to offer a service of Choral Evensong on special occasions throughout the year, usually on a 4th Sunday afternoon at 4:30pm. You are welcome to worship with us in this time-honoured way of glorifying God in Christ. We also encourage you to take part in the evensongs offered at our Cathedral Church of the Redeemer, usually the 3rd Sunday fo the month.

The Bells
"Change-Ringing" is a rare and wonderful art: these are the only bells of their kind in the province: in fact, the only octave of bells of their kind between Ontario and British Columbia. The bells are part of the regular music of the parish, calling the community to worship, reminding the community that the parish church prays for the well-being of everyone - member or not - in the community, and that the church works faithfully to give thanks to God for over 100 years of the serving in Christ's name.

Our ringers rehearse on Friday evenings, and the bells are rung Sundays for a half hour before the 10:30 Eucharist, at special occasions such as weddings, and are part of the musical crowning of high feasts such as Easter, Christmas and literally ringing in each New Year.

Experience and new ringers are both welcome.

More About Our Bells...

Ruth Lund, Bell Tower Captain



Christ Church Choir singing at Westminster Abbey

Christ Church Choir singing at home!


Ruth Lund, Bell Tower Captain

John Bouz, Affiliate Organist

Margaret Newman, Organist and Director of Music