Christ Church, Elbow Park, Calgary
(Under Construction... not the building, the website!)

Welcoming the Community
The facilities of Christ Church, Elbow Park have undergone extensive renovations in the last 10 years. The purpose of our building is for worship, service and hospitality for the whole community.

Neighbours will remember, for example, that we had the good fortune of keeping our electricity during the flood and were able to use our facilities to feed over 10,000 people that week. So, it's "our" building, but it's meant for the sort of hospitality that shows what our namesake, Christ, is like. The same is true as we welcome everyone to become a part of our community in this, our community centre.

Using our Facilities
Christ Church is pleased to make our facilities available to our community, whether members of the parish or not. Subject to availability, arrangements may be made for partial or full day events. We can support a variety of including family celebrations, funeral and other receptions, meetings, seminars, community conferences, and more.

Plenty of free street parking is available around the property.

The church and halls are wheel chair accessible.

The Church Sanctuary
As sacred space, the church worship space is not "rented". It is often, however, made available for personal prayer, and other dignified uses such as support of music and the arts. For more on our worship, click here.

3602 - 8th Street SW
Calgary, Alberta T2T 3A7