The Three Cantors' Story

In 1996, an Anglican Priest named Peter Townshend listened as three of his colleagues sang in a diocesan service at St. Paul's Cathedral in London, Ontario. Archbishop Percy O'Driscoll had just challenged the Dicoese to find creative ways to renew the church's outreach. Peter had an idea. After the service, he asked Bill Cliff, Peter Wall and David Pickett if they, with Angus Sinclair, would give a concert for HHF/PWRDF. They could call themselves "The Three Cantors", and have a great night of fun. Peter, Angus, Bill and David laughed, then agreed, but added that no-one would come. Peter T. told them to leave that with him... then proceeded to sell over 700 tickets and filled Grace Church, Brantford to overflowing. More concerts were booked, and sold out too!

"The Three Cantors" became a sensation. In the years since, they have sold thousands of CDs, and have sung over 200 concerts from St. John's NL to Victoria, BC. They have been featured on provincial and national radio, appeared as guest artists with the Judy Maddren's "Christmas Carol" as featured musicians at her reading at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church in Toronto, have been interviewed by Michael Enright, have performed at two consecutive "Sounds of the Season" shows on Ontario Today, sung with Orchestra London, and even given a concert for The Governor General of Canada.

The best part is, in addition to the money raised by local concert sponsors for a huge variety of causes, a portion of every concert and every penny (100%) of the CD proceeds to to the alleviation of suffering through the work of HHF/PWRDF. It is estimated that The Three Cantors have raised over $1.3 Million since 1997!

What has made "The Three Cantors" so popular? Peter Wall has often quipped, "we're three parish priests with not enough to do with our evenings". Well, they don't pretend to be "The Three Tenors" but, all joking aside, these are three capable singers whose voices blend beautifully with the versatility and skill of a gifted musician at the keyboards. Their concerts are a tour-de-force of everything from beloved music of the church, contemporary anthems, spirituals, and new, original compositions, to folk songs and the best of Broadway.

It's been said that the one who sings "prays twice". When was the last time you stood in a packed church and joined your voice with hundreds of others, raising the roof with a beloved hymn then, the next moment, heard a favourite broadway tune? An evening with The Cantors is more than just a concert. There's a rare and life-changing pleasure that these four know about, and share. Their friendship, humour, dedication and energy shine through as a testimony to music's ability, combined with faith, to transcend anything. A Three Cantors Concert is a celebration of the power of music to bring joy, hope and faith in Christ to bear on the challenges of a world of people in need... and to have a great time doing it!

We invite you to share in their musical ministry. You can come and hear them for an evening, or you can order one of their CDs and enjoy them over and over again. Either way, you can feel good about what you're supporting, as your participation directly benefits HHF/PWRDF!




Peter, Bill, David and Angus at Cronyn in 2001

The Three Cantors - Since 1997!
The Three Cantors began on a dare by Canon Peter Townshend, then Rector of Grace Church, Brantford. What began with Peter's challenge and a lot of fun was soon blessed into becoming much, more more!

Cantors and Archbishops

Returning to Grace Church, April, 1999
On April 27th, 1999 the Cantors returned to Brantford where it all began. Joining the celebration were (now) Archdeacon Peter Townshend, Archbishop Michael Peers (Then Primate of Canada) and Archbishop Percy O'Driscoll (Then Archbishop of Huron and Metropolitan of Ontario).