Angus Sinclair's Benefit CDs
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Hymns From the Minster

Angus Sinclair, Organ and original arrangements.
For those of you who listen with joy to the way Angus' playing brings the organ - and the hymns it often enhances and leads - to a vibrant new life, then this latest offering from Angus will inspire you! It's a brilliant new collection of Angus at his best, taking beloved and favourite hymn tunes to new heights. Played once again on the mighty Casavant at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church in Toronto, this CD is Angus' latest gift to HHF/PWRDF! Special thanks to Yorkminster Park for their fantastic support of this recording!

$20, taxes included, plus S&H.
100% of proceeds to HHF/PWRDF

An Evening At The Villa


Angus Sinclair, Piano, original arrangements and compositions.
"The Villa" is actually Villa Cornelia, the London dining establishment where Angus has been playing for guests for many years. This Sinclair Solo CD is a wonderful collection of musical favourites of the Villa regulars. By popular demand this CD is available to the Angus and Cantors fans alike, so you can enjoy Angus' "Villa" stylings wherever you are!

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Only $15, taxes in, plus S&H.
This one belongs to Angus! All proceeds support his livelihood, keeping him free to play the way we love!

Angus at the Minster

Angus Sinclair,
This tour de force mixture of Angus' original compositions, arrangements, and old favourites was also recorded on the magnificent Casavant Organ at the Yorkminster Park Baptist Church in Toronto. This "all Angus, all the time" collection of music is a must-have for Angus and organ fans alike! Originally recorded for "Graceworks", all proceeds from the continuing sale of this brilliant CD will benefit HHF/PWRDF!

$20, taxes included, plus S&H.
100% of proceeds to HHF/PWRDF
A Goodly Heritage

Angus Sinclair, Piano,
with Kim Silver, flute.
What began with the concept of "a CD you could put on with dinner and enjoy in the background" became "A GOODLY HERITAGE": a heartfelt musical tribute to special people, places and memories of Angus' life. This wonderful musical journey is yours to enjoy, celebrating the talents of this faithful and creative musician, and the capacity music has to enrich life and bring joy. Angus Sinclair has been described as the "musical glue" that holds The Three Cantors together. Now you just can't miss this opportunity to enjoy a CD full of pure Angus magic!

$20, taxes included, plus S&H.
100% of proceeds to HHF/PWRDF