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The Three Cantors Honour Roll:
A Complete History Of Concert Sponsors

Thank You to the hosts, faith communities and concert sponsors whose amazing support
of The Three Cantors has benefited PWRDF, HHF and dozens of local outreach initiatives!


  1. April 8th, 1997: Grace Anglican Church, Brantford
2. April 15th, 1997: St. James' Anglican Church, Stratford
3. April 29th, 1997: Christ Church, Anglican, Chatham
4. May 3rd, 1997: Community Benefit Concert with Orchestra London at Bishop Cronyn Memorial Church
5. May 26th, 1997: Performance at Huron's Diocesan Synod, London
6. June 7th, 1997: Concert at "53rd Weekend" in London, with Madeline L'Engle and "The Glorious Impossible".
7. June 10th, 1997: St. George's Anglican Church, Owen Sound
8. September 17th, 1997: St. Paul's Cathedral, London
9. September 18th, 1997: St. Paul's Cathedral, London (Live Double CD Recorded at St. Paul's Concert)
10. October 7thth, 1997: All Saints Anglican Church, Windsor
11. November 27th, 1997: London Life Concert, London
12. December 2nd, 1997: Huron College Founder's Night

  13. March 31st, 1998: St. Peter's Roman Catholic Basilica, London
14. May 8th, 1998: St. John The Evangelist Anglican Church, Kitchener
15. May 11th, 1998: Concert at Diocesan Synod
16. June 10th, 1998: Siloam United Church, London
17. June 19th, 1998: St. George's Anglican Church, Sarnia
18. September 30th, 1998: Bishop Cronyn Memorial Church, London
19. November 4th, 1998: New St. Paul's Church, Woodstock
20. December 18th,1998: Live on CBC Radio 1, Ontario Today's Christmas Open House with Dave Stephens
  21. January 19th, 1999: Trinity Anglican Church, Cambridge
22. February 8th, 1999: St. Barnabas' Anglican Church, Windsor
23. March 5th, 1999: First United Church, St. Thomas
24. April 23rd, 1999: Oakridge Presbyterian Church, London
25. April 27th, 1999: Grace Anglican Church, Brantford. (The Anglican Primate, The Most Reverend Michael Peers, in attendance.)
26. April 28th, 1999: Grace Church, Brantford
27. May 4th, 1999, St. George's Anglican Church, Owen Sound
28. May 14th, 1999, Chatham Cultural Centre, with Orchestra London
29. May 15th, 1999, Centennial Hall, London, with Orchestra London
30. May 16th, 1999, 2:30pm, Centennial Hall, London, with Orchestra London
31. June 10th, 1999 Christ's Church Cathedral, Hamilton
32. Sept. 24th, 1999 New St. James Presbyterian Church, London
33. October 9th, 1999: The Cathedral Church of St. John The Baptist, St. John's NFLD
34. October 27th, 1999 Renison College 40th Anniversary Concertat Humanities Theatre, Hagey Hall, University of Waterloo
35. December 3rd, 1999 St. George's Anglican Church, Guelph
36. Friday, December 10th, 1999: 2nd Visit, Live, CBC Radio "Ontario Today's" Christmas Special
  37. January 8th, 2000: St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Thunder Bay
38. February 8th, 2000: St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Kitchener, Ontario.
39. March 21st, 2000: First United Church, St. Thomas, Ontario.
40. April 28th, 2000: St. Paul's Cathedral, London, Ontario. A benefit concert with The Gerald Fagan Singers
41. May 23rd, 2000, 7:30pm: Trinity Church, Brockville, Ontario
42. May 24th, 2000: St. George's Cathedral, Kingston, Ontario
43. June 20th, 2000: at Melrose United Church, Hamilton
44. August 10th, 2000: A Return Visit to The Anglican Cathedral in St. John's, Newfoundland
45. September 12th, 2000: St. Cuthbert's Anglican Church, Oakville
46. October 17th, 2000: St. Anne's R.C. Church, Tecumseh, A concert sponsored by St. Mark's, St. Clair Beach
47. November 4th, 2000, and
48. November 5th, 2000: Centennial Hall, London with Orchestra London: "Lest We Forget".
49. November 5th, 2000: Central United Church, Woodstock, Ontario.
50. December 5th, 2000: St. Peter's Anglican Church, Erindale (Mississauga).
51. December 8th, 2000: Third annual appearance as guests on the "Ontario Today" Christmas Open House,Live with Dave Stephens from the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto
  52. January 23rd, 2001: St. James Anglican Church, Stratford.
53. February 13th, 2001: Valentine Concert at Christ's Church Cathedral, Hamilton
54. March 22nd, 2001: St. Thomas' Church, St. Catherine's, Ontario.
55. April 19th, 2001: St. Jude's Church, Brantford, Ontario (Concert At Heritage United)
56. April 28th, 2001: An audience with The House of Bishops of the Anglican Church of Canada and Her Excellency the Governor General of Canada.
57. May 23rd, 2001: St. Paul's Anglican Church, Dunnville, Ontario
58. June 8th, 2001: St. Luke's Anglican Church, Burlington.
59. September 12th, 2001: St. George's Anglican Church, Guelph
60. October 11th, 2001: St. John's Anglican Church, Strathroy (Hosted by St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church)
61. October 26th, 2001: St. Peter's Basilica, London, Ontario
62. Saturday, November 3rd, 2001: PWRDF Annual General Meeting, The Three Cantors are made Honourary Members in recognition of their work for the fund.
63. November 17th, 2001: St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Thunder Bay, Ontario.
64. December 7th, 2001: St. Thomas a Becket Anglican Church, Mississauga.
  65. January 23rd, 2002: Trinity Anglican Church, St. Thomas.
66. February 22nd, 2002: Grace Lutheran Church, Hamilton.
67. March 19th, 2002: Church of St. John The Evangelist, Kitchener.
68. April 11th, 2002: Huron University College, London. Benefit for Huron-Lawson Chair in Pastoral Theology.
69. April 16th, 2002: Park Street United Church, Chatham
70. May 24th, 2002: Trinity Anglican Church, Brockville
71. June 11th, 2002: Albert College Chapel, (St. Thomas' Anglican Church, Belleville)
72. September 25th, 2002: St. Marys United Church, Presented by St. James' Anglican Church, St. Marys, Ont.
73. October 5th, 2002: Trinity United Church, Thunder Bay.
74. November 12th, 2002: St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Kitchener.
75. December 7th, 2002: CBC Radio's "A Christmas Carol" at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, Toronto.
76. December 11th, 2002: Christ Church Cathedral, Ottawa. including a visit to CBC's Ontario Today in Ottawa.
  77. January 22nd, 2003: St. Paul's United Church, Sarnia.
78. February 21st, 2003: St. Anne's Anglican Church, Byron, concert held at St. George's R.C. Church.
79. March 19th, 2003: St. Columba's Anglican Church, St. Catharine's.
80. April 2nd, 2003: St. John's Anglican Church, Ancaster.
81. April 3rd, 2003: St. John's Anglican Church, Ancaster.
82. May 14th, 2003: St. Mark's Anglican Church, Barriefield
83. June 5th, 2003: St. Mark's Anglican Church, Brantford
84. June 10th, 2003: All Saints Anglican Church, Erin
85. September 10th, 2003: St. Cuthbert's Anglican Church, Oakville
86. October 22nd, 2003: Church of the Epiphany, Sudbury.
87. October 23rd, 2003: Charles W. Stockey Centre For The Performing Arts, Parry Sound, presented by Trinity Anglican Church.
88. November 4th, 2003: Epworth United Church & Church of the Epiphany, Kingsville.
89. December 8th, 2003: St. Luke's Anglican Church, Burlington
  90. January 21st, 2004: Farringdon Independent Church, Brantford
91. February 11th, 2004: Trinity Anglican Church, Cambridge
92. March 3rd, 2004: St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Windsor
93. March 26th, 2004: St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, Kitchener
94. April 14th, 2004: New St. Paul's Anglican Church, Woodstock
95. May 26th, 2004: St. David's Anglican Church, Welland.
96. June 16th, 2004: St. John's Anglican Church, Ancaster.
97. September 15th, 2004: Grace Church, Brantford, Special Benefit: PWRDF Deanery Refugee Sponsorship
98. September 22nd, 2004: InterChurch Council of Burlington Benefit at St. Christopher's Anglican Church
99. October 13th, 2004: Daily Bread Food Bank Benefit at St. Paul's Cathedral, London
100. October 20th, 2004: Trinity Anglican Church, Simcoe
101. November 10, 2004: St. Paul's United Church, Petrolia (Presented by Holy Rosary Church, Wyoming)
102. November 20th, 2004: St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Thunder Bay
103. December 8th, 2004: St. Bride's Anglican Church, Mississauga
  104. January 19th, 2005: Christ Church Cathedral, Ottawa (Tsunami Relief Concert)
105. February 16th, 2005: St. John's Anglican Church, Strathroy
106. March 9th, 2005: Church of the Incarnation, Oakville
107. April 1st, 2005: St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Grimsby
108. April 27th, 2005: Windsor: North American Conference of Anglican Bishops
109. June 3rd, 2005 St. John's Anglican Church, Thunder Bay
110. June 4th, 2005: St. John's Anglican Church, Thunder Bay
111. June 15th, 2005: All Saints Anglican Church, Erin, ON
112. September 21st, 2005: Transfiguration Parish, Deanery of Kent, at Park Street United Church, Chatham.
113. October 12th, 2005: St. Peter's Church, Brockville
114. October 18th, 2005: St. George's Anglican Church, Guelph
115. November 8th, 2005: Christ's Church Cathedral,Hamilton
116. December 7th, 2005: ELAM (East London Anglican Ministries), Sanctuary of the Ascension, 2060 Dundas St, London, ON
117. December 14th, 2005: Return to Charles W. Stockey Centre, Parry Sound, ON. Presented by Trinity Anglican Church, Parry Sound.
118. December 15th, 2005: Church of the Epiphany,Sudbury.
  119. January 11th, 2006: St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Cambridge (Preston)
120. February 22nd, 2006: St. Peter's Basilica Cathedral, London
121. March 2nd, 2006: St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church, Kitchener
122. March 31st-April 2nd, 2006: The Episcopal Province One (New England) Conference on Stewardship, Evangelism and Congregational Development
in Westborough (near Boston), MA.
123. April 25th, 2006: Christ Church (Anglican), Belleville
124. May 4th, 2006: St. James' Anglican Church, Orillia
125. May 24th, 2006: Grace United Church, Sarnia, Presented by Sarnia Lambton Habitat for Humanity.
126. June 16th, 2006: Anglican Church of the Ascension, Hamilton.
127. September 21st,2006: St. Luke's Anglican Church, (Broughdale) London.
128. October 11th, 2006: Sacred Heart R.C. Church, Walkerton, Presented by The Bruce County Children's Aid Society
129. November 15th, 2006: St. Cuthbert's Anglican Church, Oakville, Presented by St. Cuthbert's and St. Simon's
130. November 22nd, 2006: St. James Anglican Church, Stratford
131. December 13th, 2006: St. Luke's Anglican Church, Burlington, ON
  132. January 14th, 2007: Renison College names The Three Cantors as Honorary Senior Fellows
133. March 7th, 2007: St. John's Anglican Church, Ancaster, ON
134. April 20th, 2007: Christ Church Cathedral, Ottawa, ON
135. April 27th, 2007: St. Peter's Anglican Church, Erindale
136. May 2nd, 2007: St. Peter's Anglican Church, Cobourg
137. May 30th, 2007: All Saints' Anglican Church, Erin, ON
138. June 6th, 2007: St. George's Anglican Church (Forest Hill),
139. August 30th, 2007: St. George’s Anglican Church, Montreal, PQ (presented by PWRDF Montreal)
140. October 2nd, 2007: Church of the Epiphany, Sudbury, ON
141. October 24th, 2007: St. George's Anglican Church, Owen Sound
142. November 8th, 2007: St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Thunder Bay
143. November 21st, 2007: St. Matthew's Lutheran Church/St.James' Anglican Church, Hanover, Ontario
144. December 12th, 2007: Trinity Anglican Church, Simcoe, Ontario
  145. April 16th, 2008: St. James' Anglican Church, Merritton (St. Catharines) Ontario
146. April 23rd, 2008: All Saints Anglican Church, Peterborough, Ontario
147. May 14th, 2008: St. George's Anglican Church, Barrie and St. John's Anglican Church, Craighurst, (concert held at First Christian Reformed Church, Barrie, ON)
148. June 20th, 2008: Anglican Church of the Ascension, Hamilton, Gala Masquerade Ball
149. July 2nd, 2008: St. Francis of Assisi Anglican Church, Mindemoya, (Manitoulin Island) Ontario (David, Peter and Angus)
150. September 11th, 2008: The Laurel Point Inn, Victoria B.C. - A Gala Presented by The Anglican Diocese of British Columbia
151. September 12th, 2008: Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver
152. September 30th, 2008: Holy Trinity Anglican Church, St. George (Concert hosted at Heritage United Church, Brantford)
153. October 17th-18th, 2008: Guests at the Convention of The Diocese of Western Massachusetts, Springfield, MA
154. October 22nd, 2008: St. Paul's, Fort Erie, ON
155. October 26th, 2008: St. John's Convent Chapel, Sisterhood of St. John the Divine, Toronto
156. November 21st, 2008: St. Peter's Anglican Church, Cobourg, ON
157. December 10th, 2008: St. John's Anglican Church, St. Thomas
  158. February 3rd, 2009: Renison University College (hosted at St. John The Evangelist, Kitchener)
159. March 25th, 2009: Old St. Paul's. Church, Woodstock
160. April 1st, 2009: St. Barnabas' Church, Windsor (Presented by St. James', Windsor)
161. May 9th, 2009: Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, presented by PWRDF Montreal
162. June 12th, 2009: St. John's Anglican Church, Ancaster, presented by The Rev. Olive Shepherd.
163. June 24th, 2009: Christ Church Anglican, Meaford, Ontario.
164. September 23rd, 2009: Port Elgin United Church, Presented by The Anglican Parish of Saugeen Shores.
165. September 26th, 2009: Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, Victoria, B.C.
166. October 14th, 2009: St. James' Anglican Church, Merritton, Ontario
167. November 18th, 2009: Trivett Memorial Anglican Church, Exeter, Ontario
168. December 9th, 2009: St. Paul's Anglican Church, Fort Erie, Ontario
  169. March 5th, 2010: St. George's Anglican Church, Sarnia, Ontario
170. March 26th, 2010: St. Anne's Anglican Church, Toronto, Ontario
171. April 21st, 2010: St. George's Anglican Church (Pickering Village), Ajax, Ontario
172. May 7th, 2010: Levan Hall, Trinity College School, Port Hope. Concert presented by St. Mark's Anglican Church Heritage Foundation
173. May 19th, 2010: Christ's Church Anglican Cathedral, Hamilton, Ontario
174. June 22nd, 2010: Trinity Anglican Church, Barrie, Ontario
175. June 26th & 27th 2010: St. Peter's Anglican Church, St. George's, Bermuda. Concert and Festal Evensong.
176. September 22nd, 2010: St. Paul's Anglican Church, Clinton, Ontario.
177. October 19th, 2010: Church of the Epiphany, Woodstock, Ontario
178. October 27th, 2010: Bishop Cronyn Memorial Anglican Church, London, Ontario
179. November 23rd, 2010: Diocese of Ottawa "Friends of the Bishop" Concert, Ottawa, Ontario
180. December 8th, 2010: Grace Anglican Church, Brantford, Ontario
181. December 15th, 2010: All Saints Anglican Church, Whitby (a benefit hosted by St. Mark's United Church)
  - - - - February 2nd, 2011: Christ Anglican Church, Dartmouth, NS - concert postponed due to snow storm! We hope for a return visit, God willing!
182. February 3rd, 2011: St. John's Agnlican Church, Lunenburg, NS
183. February 4th, 2011: St. Paul's The Apostle Anglican Church, Antigonish, NS (Graciously hosted at St. James United Church, Antigonish)
184. April 13th, 2011: Christ Church (Anglican), Chatham, Ontario, part of their 150th Anniversary Celebrations
185. May 11th, 2011: St. Paul's Epsicopal Church, Albany, NY
186. May 18th, 2011: Palmerston United Church, Palmerston, ON
187. June 7th, 2011: Lundy's Lane United Church, Niagara Falls, ON
188. June 10th, 2011: Cathedral Church of the Redeemer, Calgary, AB (sponsored by Calgary Anglican Churches for PWRDF for Slave Lake).
189. October 5th, 2011: All Saints Anglican Church, Windsor, ON
190. October 25th, 2011: Church of the Transfiguration (Anglican), Manor Road, Toronto, ON
191. November 16th, 2011: St. George's Anglican Church, (Pickering Village) Ajax, ON
192. December 7th, 2011: Grace Church On The Hill (Anglican), Toronto
193. December 14th, 2011: St. Luke's Anglican Church, Burlington. 20th Anniversary of Special Christmas Concert for Children in Need!
  194. March 6th, 2012: All Saints Kingsway Anglican Church, Toronto. A benefit for Kids4Peace and PWRDF.
195. April 27th, 2012: Guelph, St. George's Anglican Church, PWRDF benefit
sponsored by St. George's, Guelph, St. Jame's, Fergus and St. John's, Elora.
196. May 4th, 2012: Port Hope, ON, at Trinity College School: benefit for PWRDF and St. Mark's Anglican Church Foundation.
197. May 11th, 2012: Toronto at Harthouse, U of T: PWRDF benefit at Order of St. Lazarus AGM.
198. May 23rd, 2012: Christ Church (Anglican) Meaford, Ontario.
199. June 20th, 2012: St. Paul's Anglican Church, Port Dover, Ontario.
200. September 19th, 2012: St. George's Memorial Anglican Church, Oshawa, Ontario.
201. October 1st, 2012: Burlington Convention Centre, Diocese of Niagara's Bishop's Company Banquet
202. October 17th, 2012: St. John's Anglican Church, Ancaster - gala dinner and concert
203. November 14th, 2012: Riverside United Church, London, Ontario.
  204. February 1st, 2013: Stamford United Church, Niagara Falls, Ontario.
205. February 27th, 2013: St. Simon's Anglican Church, Oakville, Ontario.
206. March 5th, 2013: St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Grimsby, Ontario
207. April 17th, 2013: St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Parish, London, Ontario
208. May 1st, 2013: St. Paul's Anglican Church, Stratford (performance hosted at Zion Lutheran Church, Stratford)
209. May 22nd, 2013: The Church of St. Andrew's, Anglican , Scarborough, ON
210. June 5th, 2013: Grace United Church, Sarnia, Ontario: a concert presented by The Sarnia Community Foundation.
211. September 20th, 2013: Anglican Parish of St. Brendan & St. James, Port Colborne, ON
212. September 28th, 2013: Huron University College confers The Three Cantors with the degree of Doctor of Divinity, Honoris Causa.
213. October 2nd, 2013: St. George's Anglican Church, Goderich (Benefit for Huron Church Camp and HHF)
214. December 4th, 2013: Knox Presbyterian Church, Milton, Ontario.
215. December 11th, 2013: St. John the Evangelist, London, Ontario
  216. March 18th, 2014: All Saints Anglican Church, Peterborough, Ontario
217. May 7th, 2014: St. Thomas' Anglican Church, Brooklin (Whityby), Ontario
218. May 28th, 2014: St. George's Anglican Church, Owen Sound, Ontario
219. June 4th, 2014: St. George's Cathedral, Kingston, ON - Diocese of Ontario, Bishop's Company Dinner and Concert in support of PWRDF
220. September 17th, 2014: St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Petrolia, ON
221. October 7th, 2014: St. John's Anglican Church, Craighurst, ON
222. October 17th, 2014: Trinity Anglican Church, Durham, ON
223. November 3rd, 2014: St. Paul's Anglican Church, Port Dover, ON
224. November 18th, 2014: Diocese of Ottawa, Friends of the Bishop Banquet: Hampton Inn and Conference Centre.
225. November 19th, 2014: St. James' Anglican Church, Carp, ON (Parish of Huntley).
226. December 11th, 2014: St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Parish, London, ON
227. December 17th, 2014: Waterford United Church, Waterford, ON

  228. May 14th, 2015: St. George's Anglican Church, Wharncliffe Road, London, ON
229. May 20th, 2015: St. George's Anglican Church, Montreal, PQ
230. June 17th, 2015: St. Mary's Anglican Church, Walkerville (Windsor), ON
231. September 24th, 2015: Christ Church (Anglican), Belleville, ON
232. October 21st, 2015: Anglican Church of the Transfiguration, Toronto, ON
233. November 24th, 2015: St. Paul's Anglican Cathedral, London, ON
234. December 9th, 2015: St. John's Anglican Church, Ancaster, ON
235. December 16th, 2015: St. Paul's Anglican Church, Fort Erie.
  236. February 22nd, 2016: Grace Anglican Church, Brantford - "The Three Cantors Give Thanks!", Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Primate, in attendance.
237. May 10th, 2016: Cathedral Church of St. John The Baptist, St. John's, NL - presented by The Anglican Foundation
  And Special Appearances At...
2004 General Synod of The Anglican Church of Canada, Niagara Falls, ON
2004 North American Stewardship Conference, Toronto, ON (NASC)
2009 March 8th, Interview on CBC Radio's "Sunday Edition" with Michael Enright at CBC Toronto.
2014 North American Verger's Conference, St. Luke's, Burlington